Tatva Dance
Tatvadhika tatvamayi tatvamartha swarupini  l
Samagana priya soumya sadashiva kutumbini ll


Tatva dance school has been established to provide Bharatanatyam dance  lessons in the New Orleans area. 
Bharatanatyam finds its origin in the southern-most state of India, Tamil-Nadu. This ancient form of art has been practiced for several centuries, and has expanded well outside the confines of India; and is danced and celebrated throughout the world today. 
Tatva aims at continuing to spread the knowledge and awareness about Bharatanatyam, and share the joy therefrom.

The word Tatva comprises of two words, Tat (meaning that) and Tvam (meaning you). Tatva means  the  real being of anything, and generally translates as quality. Tat represents the Godhead and Tvam the individual, giving a meaning - "That (which is the Universe) is you."